Why Are Nitrile Examination Gloves Blue and What Are the Advantages?

Nitrile examination gloves are labor protection products that can be seen everywhere in our daily lives. They have good tear, puncture and friction resistance, which can help us withstand harsh environments and protect our hands.

1. Why are nitrile examination gloves blue?

As early as the early 20th century, it was popular for all doctors to wear white lab coats and white latex gloves. However, a doctor was performing an operation and was tired. He turned his head to look at other people's white coats and white gloves. Suddenly he couldn't see things clearly, and even saw blue-green internal organs! Later, in order to prevent the brain from desensitizing to red, all of the white surgical gown, surgical caps, curtains, and walls in the operating room turned blue or green.

However, latex gloves with poor color compatibility cannot be replaced. In desperation, they can only use them for a few decades! It was not until the 1990s that nitrile gloves which could be given various colors came out, and this situation was improved. It is said that to make up for the shortcomings of the time, the first color of nitrile gloveswas blue. Since then, medical-grade blue nitrile gloves have become the new favorite, and gradually the representative color of nitrile glovesis blue, and it shows more advantages. For example, blue can be better distinguished from blood and other body fluids, reminding medical staff to replace them in time, and reduce the chance of infection. Now, nitrile gloves have a variety of colors to choose and they play a huge role in various industries, such as nitrile gloves for chemistry lab.

2. What are the advantages of nitrile examination gloves?

(1) Nitrile examination gloves are different from other disposable gloves. Nitrile gloves have low friction resistance and are easy to slip. It is more convenient to wear gloves after adding powder, such as cornstarch.

(2) Nitrile examination gloves are available in various sizes, suitable for hands of different sizes, from small to large. They are available in a variety of materials, lengths and thicknesses.

(3) Nitrile examination gloves are widely welcomed because of their high flexibility and excellent solvent resistance. At the same time, the property of oil and acid resistance makes nitrile examination gloves a good choice for many manufacturing environments.

(4) Nitrile examination gloves should not be stored under strong light or high heat, because this environment will quickly decompose the rubber.


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