Why Are Disposable Nitrile Gloves Widely Used in the Laboratory?

1. Introduction of disposable nitrile gloves

Disposable nitrile gloves made by manufacturers of disposable nitrile gloves do not contain foreign substances such as phthalates, silicone oils, and amino compounds, but have the characteristics of good softness, strong fit and high durability. In particular, the nitrile gloves launched by disposable nitrile glove manufacturers with high service quality have exploded the entire sales market.

2. Why are disposable nitrile gloves widely used in laboratories?

(1) The slightly rough surface design is easy to grip

According to numerous surveys and statistics, more and more laboratories are beginning to popularize the application of disposable nitrile gloves. This is also one of the important reasons why many laboratories keep close contact with disposable nitrile glove suppliers. A slightly rough surface design is used to improve the grip of the test personnel, which will not be too smooth for the test personnel to accurately grasp the experiment medicament.

(2) Nitrile material has strong anti-chemical and anti-corrosion ability

The reason why the sales volume of disposable nitrile gloves made by disposable nitrile glove manufacturers has soared is that it is made of nitrile material with very strong chemical and corrosion resistance. It is well known that the chemicals in many laboratories are more or less mixed with chemicals corrosive. Wearing nitrile lab gloves can effectively isolate corrosion damage. Therefore, chemical laboratory nitrile gloves are widely praised.

(3) Nitrile gloves are resistant to puncture and tearing

The vast majority of suppliers of nitrile gloves believe that gloves with strong puncture and tear resistance should be worn in laboratory work. For example, some experimental samples are subject to puncture tests. If the puncture resistance of nitrile gloves is weak, it is easy to cause the hands of laboratory testers to be injured due to frequent punctures.

Disposable nitrile gloves suppliers have been committed to improving the application performance of disposable nitrile gloves, which is the fundamental reason why many consumers trust and recognize disposable nitrile gloves manufacturers with stable quality. The reason why disposable nitrile gloves are widely used in laboratories is not only because they use a slghtly pitted surface design to improve grip, but also because the nitrile material has strong chemical and corrosion resistance as well as strong resistance to puncture and tearing.

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