What is the Difference between the Surgical Mask and Paper Mask?

After the COVID-19 outbreak, cases of COVID-19 infection in many places are becoming more and more, masks are out of stock in many places, no matter in online stores or brick-and-mortar ones. But there are still a lot of people who don't know which mask to wear. After all, there are many kinds of masks on the market, such as the paper mask and surgical mask. Many people are confused.


Today I would like to share with you the differences between a surgical mask and paper mask.

1. Judging from the packaging

Generally speaking, these two kinds of masks have different technical standards. The surgical mask is in line with the medical standards. We can determine what type of mask the product belongs to by looking at the executive standards on the product packaging. In addition, the product's name will be clearly written on the packaging.

2. Differences in performance

Both masks can filter bacteria, but they differ in waterproof property and particle filtration efficiency. First of all, the paper mask does not have the performance requirements of waterproof property and particle filtration efficiency, while the medical surgical mask does. Secondly, the waterproof property of the surgical mask is higher than that of the paper mask, which can prevent the splashes of blood and body fluids produced during the operation from infecting the doctors.


The paper mask is only used to block pollutants exhaled from the operator's mouth and nose during general medical procedures, that is, when there is no invasive procedure.

The surgical mask is suitable for wearing during surgery, laser treatment, isolation and dental treatment or other medical procedures, as well as for patients with airborne or droplet borne diseases because of its excellent waterproof property and particle filtration efficiency. It is mainly used by surgical operators in hospitals.

So what kind of mask should be used for the prevention of COVID-19 this time?

In fact, the answer has been given in interviews with various experts that it is better to wear the surgical mask in daily life to prevent COVID-19.

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