What is the Difference Between Medical Scrubs and Surgical Gowns?

It is believed that even those who do not work in the hospitals know that the hospital needs to be kept clean and tidy, especially the operating room, which requires sterility. Therefore, before entering the operating room, the first thing medical staffs must do is to put on bacteria-free clothes, but many people can't tell the difference between medical scrubs and surgical gowns. What is the exact difference between the two?


1. What is the difference between medical scrubs and surgical gowns?

Surgical gowns:

It is a long sleeve robe with a small high collar and with an opening on the back. Generally, doctors can't put it on by themselves without the assistance of a nurse. The color is mainly light blue.

The inside part of the surgical gowning that contacts with the doctor's body is called the clean area, and the outside part that contacts with the blood, body fluids and the patient's body is called the contaminated area. The general operation requirement is to completely isolate the polluted environment from the clean environment while protecting the health of both the doctor and the patient, so the surgical gowning is required to be wrapped well and must be completely isolated.


Medical scrubs:

As long as the medical staff enter the operating room, they need to wear medical scrubs with short sleeves and short V-neck, whether they are doctors, nurses or anesthesiologists, once they step into the operating room, they must wear medical scrubs. The reason that the medical scrubs is designed as a short-sleeved type is to allow the staff involved in the operation to easily wash their hands, forearms and upper arms.

But for doctors who need to perform direct surgery, not only do they need to wear  medical scrubs, but also a surgical gowning outside the medical scrubs to ensure a smooth operation.


2. Type of surgical gowns

(1) The traditional aseptic surgical gowns with back opening;

(2) Fully covered sterile surgical gowns.

The focus is on sterility. Regardless of the type of surgical gowns, the purpose is to ensure that the operation can be performed under aseptic conditions. In addition, the requirements of clinical medicine for sterile surgical gowns also include good barrier properties and comfort. The former can ensure that medical staffs performing the surgery will not be contaminated by the patient's blood and body fluids, and the latter can allow medical staffs to perform the surgery in a more comfortable state, and the efficiency of the operation is correspondingly improved, which is greatly beneficial to both the medical staff and the patient.

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