Ways of Folding Surgical Gown

The surgical gown is the garment that the medical staff must wear during the operation. Being breathable, comfortable, waterproof, and sterile are the basic requirements of a qualified surgical gown. In the process of developing new surgical gown products, many manufacturers have neglected a seemingly small but actually significant technical problem, that is, the surgical gown folding technique. No matter what kind of surgical gown, it must go through a folding process before being made into finished products for packaging. Today, I would like to share with you a surgical gown folding technique, which not only guarantees the folding effect of the surgical gown but also enables users to open the gown quickly and conveniently during surgery.

Following steps are needed for folding our disposable surgical gowns for sale:

① Laying flat the surgical gown with the lapels facing up, and fold both lapels of the gown outward once;

② Turn the surgical gown upside down so that the lapel is facing down, fold the sleeves inwards, lay them flat, and tie the label on the waistband;

③ Fold up the gown with aligning with the top from bottom to top for three times in turn;

④ Fold up from both sides to the middle evenly;

⑤ Align with the centerline, and make sure both sides align with each other and fold them up;

⑥ Label and complete the folding process.

Among them, the width of the folding process in step ④ should be decided according to the size of the final outer package of the surgical gown; The label in step ⑥ and the label in step ② should have the same tag information.

If the surgical gown folding technique is adopted, while using, doctors just need to stretch their hands into two openings of the surgical gown after folding, and then open hands, they will find their hands automatically get into two sleeves, and the entire surgical gown is automatically unfolded. Then all the dressing process will finish after the nurse helps tighten the belt behind the doctor, consuming only less than one minute. In this way, more precious time is saved for the operation.

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