The Steps of Wearing Surgical Gown

Ⅰ. Steps of wearing surgical gown

The steps of wearing surgical gown are as follows:

1. Wear traditional sterile surgical gowns: After the surgical staff wash their hands, disinfect and dry them, take out the sterile surgical gowns from the opened sterile surgical gowns. Grasp the two corners of the collar with both hands, facing you inside, look for a spacious place to shake it away fully, look at the sleeve entrance, toss it upwards, put your hands into the sleeves quickly, straighten your arms forward, assisted by the visiting nurse Tighten the belt at the back and stretch out the cuffs with both hands. The roving nurse further fastened the collar and back tie, crossed his hands to lift the waist belt, and the roving nurse took the waist belt behind his back and helped to tie it.

2. Wearing back-covered sterile surgical gown: The dressing method of back-back sterile surgical gown is basically the same as above, except that after the surgeon puts on the surgical gown and sterile gloves, the instrument nurse passes the belt to the surgeon to tie it. The back page of the wrap-around surgical gown covers the back of the surgeon so that the back is also sterile.

Ⅱ. Precautions for wearing surgical gowns

After putting on the surgical gown, put your hands halfway on your chest and avoid touching people or things around you. Do not place your hands under the armpits, raise them above your shoulders, or sag below your waist. When the operation is completed and the operation is to be performed, the roving nurse assists in untie the belt behind the back, grabs the collar of the surgical gown around the front, takes off the clothes forward, and puts the gloves on the wrist with the right finger and the left glove Take it off with the folded part, pull the inner surface of the right glove with the left finger and take it off, spray the disinfectant and put on the surgical gown again.

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