Many people's daily activities are done with two hands. There are many things which will be in contact with various stains. Therefore, hand washing is the most frequent occurrence in people's daily hygiene and cleaning life. Therefore, hand washing products-hand cleaner came into being. Hand washing is the act of cleaning hands in order to remove dust, dirt and microorganisms. Hand washing can prevent diseases and minimize the spread of diseases. 

Washing hands with rapid hand cleaner can better achieve those purposes. Scrub hand cleaner is an emulsion made of mineral oil, fatty acid ester, water, and stearic acid soap as an emulsifier. The main medical purpose is to remove pathogens (including bacteria or viruses) and chemicals that may harm the human body or cause diseases. Hand washing is especially important for people engaged in medical work and food processing work. At the same time, hand washing is also an important hygiene habit for the public.

Types of Hand Cleaner


Face Mask
Medical Protective Clothing

Disposable Medical Gloves
Face Shield

Disinfectant Wipe

Surgical Gown

Isolation Gown

Hand Cleaner
Medical Eye Goggles

Shoes/Boots Cover

Sample Collection Tubes

Novel Coronavirus(2019-ncov)Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit

Hand Cleaner FAQs

How To Choose The Right Hand Cleaner?

(1) When we are choosing a hand cleaner, we should check its ingredient list first and choose not to contain ingredients that are allergic to users.

(2) The purpose of hand washing is to remove the stains and bacteria on the hands. Therefore, the detergency is the first consideration, but the detergency and degreasing power are proportional. Excellent detergency is accompanied by strong degreasing, so you should choose a mild and non-irritating surfactant.

(3) Rich and long-lasting foam and easy washing are important indicators of the quality of hand sanitizer products. The foam is rich and long lasting and easy to rinse, which can bring the user a relaxing experience of washing hands without burden. Therefore, foaming and foam stabilization performance and ease of washing should be considered in formula design.

What Is The Correct Way To Wash Hands?

Fully moisten your hands with clean water first, take an appropriate amount of liquid hand cleaner on your palms and rub your hands fully at least for more than 30 seconds, be careful to rub the fingertips and finger joints during this process, and allow the foam to cover all parts of the hand. After rubbing, rinse with running water. Finally, pay attention to dry with a clean dry towel or paper towel. It is best not to dry, because the rapid evaporation of surface water will cause partial loss of water in the skin, causing the skin to dry and become rough.

Can Anyone Use All Kinds Of Hand Cleaners?

The chemicals in the hand sanitizer may irritate the skin of the hands. People who are allergic to the skin are not suitable for use. It is recommended to apply hand cream after washing. Generally, it is harmless.

Why Do The Hands Become Dry After Washing?

When washing hands, due to the degreasing effect of surfactants, the skin feels dry after hand washing. Although many hand sanitizers contain skin care ingredients, in the dry winter, if you wash your hands frequently, the skin on your hands will still be dry, so apply a special moisturizing hand cream after washing your hands.

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