Disposable Medical Gloves Wholesale

Gloves for medical are mainly divided into disposable pvc gloves, nitrile and latex gloves. They are all disposable exam gloves, and medicine gloves play an important role in medical and other places. It protects the health of medical staff. 

Our company currently cooperates with major examination gloves suppliers in China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. While strictly controlling the quality, our medical gloves price is also very advantageous.

Types of Disposable Medical Gloves for Sale


Face Mask
Medical Protective Clothing

Disposable Medical Gloves
Face Shield

Disinfectant Wipe

Surgical Gown

Isolation Gown

Hand Cleaner
Medical Eye Goggles

Shoes/Boots Cover

Sample Collection Tubes

Novel Coronavirus(2019-ncov)Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit

Disposable Medical Gloves FAQs

How To Choose The Right Surgical Gloves Disposable?

According to the needs of different operations, choose the right type and specification of hospital grade gloves;

Wear clean gloves when touching patients' blood, body fluids, secretions, excrement, vomit and contaminated items;

Wear sterile exam gloves when performing aseptic operations such as surgery and touching damaged skin and mucous membranes of patients;

Medical grade disposable gloves should be used only once.

How To Wear Medical Supplies Gloves?

Find the right size: Before putting on gloves, you must find clinical gloves that fit your hand size. If the size of the glove is not suitable, it will be easily damaged, endangering the safety of the user. For example, cleanroom gloves that are too tight are easy to pierce and tear, and at the same time reduce the flexibility of the hand; surgeon gloves that are too loose are prone to wrinkles and make it difficult to grasp.

Wear disposable surgical gloves: The first step is to wear gloves in a clean place. For example, in a laboratory, surgical gloves should not be placed where they will come into contact with harmful chemicals. Because doing so will eventually expose the wearer's skin to chemicals and cause health risks.

At the same time, before putting on surgical hand gloves, you should remove all jewelry from your wrists and wash your hands clean. Dirty hands will contaminate the inside of the gloves. In addition to protecting the wearer, this step can protect other people who will come into contact with the wearer. Medical staff will come into contact with patients, so they don't want pathogens or chemicals on patients' hands to contaminate medical hand gloves.

Once you confirm that the workbench and hands are clean, you can start wearing hand gloves for surgery. The key point is that the wearer should try to avoid touching the outside of the glove. First, put the biodegradable exam gloves on the work surface. Then, grab the glove with one hand. Put gloves on your dominant hand until it reaches your fingertips. Remember to only touch the inner part of the glove. Again, put gloves on the other hand. Once both gloves are worn, the wearer can touch the outside of the glove to ensure the examination hand gloves fit the hand.

How To Properly Take Off Disposable Medical Gloves?

Grasp the edge of the left glove with your right hand and pull it out from the inner layer. Pull it out and knead it into a ball and hold it in the palm of your right hand. Insert the index finger, middle finger and ring finger of the left hand into the glove from the edge of the glove side by side, and pull it out with force to the outside of the body.

Wrap the biodegradable surgical gloves that was pulled out last, wrap the hand that was pulled out first, and throw it into the trash can. Wash your hands immediately after throwing the biodegradable medical gloves in the trash can.

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