• digital temperature thermometer
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Digital Thermometer

Digital thermometers are one of the types of thermometers, which can accurately judge and measure temperature, using digital display instead of pointer or mercury display. Wireless digital thermometer uses certain physical parameters of certain substances, such as resistance, voltage, current, etc., to display the body temperature in digital form by the definite relationship between the physical parameters and the ambient temperature. 

The basic structures of a accurate digital thermometer are a temperature sensor, a temperature-measuring rod, a display screen, a switch, buttons, and a battery cover. digital basal thermometer uses temperature sensors to output electrical signals, directly output digital signals or convert current signals (analog signals) into digital signals that can be recognized by internal integrated circuits, and then pass them through displays (such as liquid crystal, digital tube, LED matrix, etc.) Display the temperature in digital form, it can also record and read the highest value of the measured temperature.

  • digital temperature thermometer
  • digital temple thermometer
  • best digital thermometer

Specification Of Digital Thermometer

Place of Origin


Shelf Life

3 years

Response time

In1- 5 Minutes






500 units


White/blue/yellow/green, etc.

Supply Ability


How To Use A Thermometer To Take Your Temperature

When measuring body temperature by digital temperature thermometer, the temperature will deviate due to the influence of temperature measurement time, outside air, and different body parts. In order to obtain accurate temperature measurement data, always keep a certain temperature measurement position. When under the armpit, the electronic thermometer should be close to the temperature-sensing part; when under the tongue, the digital oral thermometer should be inserted close to the base of the tongue. The head of the thermometer should be disinfected with alcohol before use. Pressing the switch, the "℃" symbol flashes, which indicate that the thermometer is in the standby state. The temperature number displayed when measuring the body temperature gradually rises, and the "℃" symbol keeps flashing. When the body temperature rise rate is less than 0, 1℃ in 16 seconds, the "℃" symbol stops flashing, and the thermometer beeps for about 5 seconds. At this time, the thermometer is measured and the displayed body temperature can be read.

Advantages Of Digital Thermometer
Easily Reading

The digital thermometer for fever has a digital display, which can easily read the measurement data, and it has the advantage of beeping cue.

Data Storage Function

The digital thermometer has a data storage function, which can compare different measurements for easy comparison.

Measuring Conveniently

Compared with traditional thermometers, digital thermometers have fast measurement speed and high accuracy (the error is +- 0.1 ℃)

High Safety

The electronic thermometer has no mercury, so it is safe and suitable for the elderly and children.

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