How to Put On Isolation Gowns

Isolation clothes play an important role in isolating viruses and self-protection. However, it is also very particular about how to reduce virus intrusion when "putting on" and "removing" it.

Be Prepared for the Basics

Put on the mask first, remove the watch, and roll the sleeves over the elbow (in winter, roll over the middle of the forearm).

Take off the Isolation Gowns

Take off the isolation gown ppe from the clothes hook by holding the collar, clean and face yourself, fold the two ends of the collar outwards, and fold it toward the center of the collar. Insert the right hand, middle and ring fingers into each fold of the collar. The little finger held the collar outside to align the seam, exposing the sleeve cage.

Put the Left Hand and Right Hand into the Sleeve

Put the left hand into the sleeve, and pull the collar up with the right hand to expose the left hand.

Change your left hand to hold the collar, put your right hand into your sleeve, and shake your sleeve up. Be careful not to touch the face.

Fasten the Cufflinks

Hold the collar with both hands, buckle the collar from the center of the collar and follow the edge backwards; then fasten the cufflinks (the hands are already contaminated.

Tie a Slip Knot

 Pull one side of the isolation suit (about 5 cm below the waist) on the mid-axillary line, and then gradually pull it forward until you see the edge, pinch the other side edge in the same way (be careful not to touch the inner surface of the garment), Align the edges with both hands at the back, fold it to one side, hold it with one hand, and pull the waistband to the back to press the fold with the other hand, cross the waistband back to the back, and tie a slip knot back to the front. Be careful not to loose the fold.

Button up the Shoulder Buttons

If the sleeves of the isolation suit are too long, button up the shoulder buttons, put on the isolation suit, and then work.


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