How to Make Surgical Gowns?

The Shape of Surgical Gowns

Surgical gowns are clothes worn by doctors during surgery. This kind of product is made of non-woven fabric as the main raw material. In addition, it has good air permeability, bacteria resistance and water resistance. The general style design is that there are two belts on the neck and waist. When wearing them, they should be worn backwards. You can tie the belts and put on gloves.

Surgical Gown Manufacturing Process

There are three types of surgical gowns that can be made by cutting, stitching, tightening, and bonding adhesive strips. The machines involved are inseparable from these three types: flat stitching, overlock stitching, and laminating.

(1) The closed placket design is usually adopted, that is, the inner zipper is closed, the outer placket is glued, and the zipper and velcro are attached through flat seams. In addition to better putting on and taking off, this design can make the fit tighter. There are elastic bands on the cuffs, ankles, and hats.

(2) The sewing of surgical gowns is inseparable from the sewing machine. Although it is a "basic worker", its role cannot be underestimated. The tightness of the thread and the fineness of the stitch length are related to the final effect.

(3) The surgical gown can achieve airtightness. After sewing by the lathe, all stitches and pinholes in the middle need to be glued and sealed by a glue press to prevent liquid from entering the sewing needle holes so as to enhance isolation performance and use safety.

The surgical gown manufacturing process must undergo strict quality testing to ensure that the products can be sold only after they are qualified.

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