Disposable VS Reusable Isolation Gowns

1. What are isolation gowns?

Isolation gowns, also known as clean clothes, protective clothing, sterile surgical gowns, etc.

In addition to clothing itself cannot be a source of dust emission, it also has the effect of preventing the body from emitting dust. At the same time, as a kind of sterile surgical gowns, it should have basic properties such as safety protection, comfort, ease of operation, and aesthetics in terms of materials and design. Otherwise, due to the different styles, fabrics and sterile underwear of work clothes, it will directly affect the number of dust and colonies in the clean room.

2. Disposable VS reusable isolation gowns

The isolation gown is widely used in clean workshops in electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, bioengineering, optics, aerospace, aviation, color tube, semiconductor, precision machinery, plastics, spray paint, hospitals, environmental protection and other industries. There are a variety of colors and specifications suitable for different anti-static or clean environment. The following will have an introduction of disposable VS reusable isolation gowns:

(1) Safety

Disposable isolation gowns are used for medical personnel to avoid contamination by blood, body fluids, and other infectious substances, or to protect patients from infection, while reusable isolation gowns are slightly safer than disposable isolation gowns. If used too many times, the resuable isolation gowns will cause safety hazards to medical staff.

(2) Portability

Disposable isolation gowns can be worn at any time, and thrown directly into the medical trash can after use, without a sense of restraint, and this advantage is that reusable isolation gowns can not compete.

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