Comfort Must Be Valued when Choosing Surgical Gowns

Surgical gown is a special kind of work clothes, it is related to the life safety of doctors and patients, any hospital will be very rigorous when choosing surgical gowns.

1. The surgical gown must be comfortable and safe

We must pay attention to its comfort and safety when choosing surgical gowns. Comfort is an essential feature of surgical gowns because doctors work very hard during the operation. Sometimes they keep a posture for a long time without moving, and must concentrate on the movements of their hands. Often, after finishing an operation, they are sweating from top to toe.

The comfort of surgical gowns lies in the fabric, and different kinds of fabric make people feel differently when they are worn. It is most suitable to choose a professional medical fabric. The surface of the surgical gowning should be made of a waterproof and liquid-proof type, which can prevent the patient's body fluids and other pollutants from entering the doctor's skin to protect the doctor's safety.

2. The surgical gown must be air-permeable and fast-drying

Air-permeability and fast-drying property are also very important because these two also reflect the degree of comfort of gowns. After sweating, the surgical gowning must be kept in a fast-drying state. When there is no sweat, the surgical gowning must be air-permeable and comfortable. Air-proof surgical gowns are uncomfortable for doctors to wear for a long time even if they don't sweat, which is not good for doctor's skin.

The softness of surgical gowns also determines the comfort level, and the soft fabric is comfortable to wear anywhere anytime. As doctors don't wear other clothes when they are wearing surgical gowns, surgical gowns are the only thing they wear on their bodies, so it naturally requires very soft fabrics.

It is necessary for us to choose more comfortable surgical gowns for doctors, because it costs doctors a lot of work effort during their operations, which is a very high-intensity work.

Although other people can't help much, but letting them wear comfortable surgical gowns to work can at least make doctors more comfortable, which is more conducive to doctors to perform operations as soon as possible.


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