Classification and Manufacturing Materials of Protective Clothing for Medical Use

Protective clothing for medical is a broad-sense concept, including all kinds of clothing worn by medical staff in the medical environment, such as daily work clothes, surgical gowns, isolation gowns, and protective clothing. According to different application environments and functions, protective clothing for medical has different standard levels for liquid and bacterial penetration, and the materials used are also different. However, according to the essential functions, it can be roughly divided into reusable and disposable types.

1. Reusable protective clothing for medical use

The reusable ones are generally used as daily work clothes and surgical gowns for medical staff. It is mainly made of traditional woven fabrics, high-density fabrics, coated fabrics and laminated fabrics. Since the laminated material is made by combining ordinary fabrics and a unique film through lamination, it has become the mainstream choice in the industry due to its better protection and moisture permeability.

The relatively high-end laminated fabric is super waterproof and moisture-permeable composite PTFE fabric. The fabric is made of PTFE, which is expanded and stretched to form a microporous film. The film is laminated on various fabrics and substrates with a unique process to become a new type of filter material. Due to the small pore size, uniform distribution, and large porosity of the membrane, while maintaining air circulation, it can filter dust particles, including bacteria, to achieve purification and ventilation. This kind of laminated fabric is windproof, waterproof, ventilate, moisture permeable and comfortable.

The protective clothing for medical use developed by using PTFE composite membrane as the isolation layer has durable waterproof, water-repellent, antibacterial, antistatic, flame-retardant, moisture permeability, and other physical and mechanical properties. It is resistant to blood and viruses under natural conditions and pressure conditions. Both barrier efficiency is greater than 99%.

2. Disposable protective clothing for medical use: polyolefin fiber non-woven fabrics

The ideal protective clothing for medical should have versatility. It should protect medical staff from toxic and harmful liquids, gases, or infectious viruses and microorganisms and be comfortable to wear. In addition to barrier properties, it must also have gas permeability, antibacterial and anti-allergenic properties, not endangering human health. Besides, its cost and environmental protection issues after disposal should also be considered when choosing making materials.

Reusable protective clothing for medical use needs to be washed and disinfected after each use, which is inconvenient to operate and greatly limits its weaving performance. After a period of use, its protective performance decreases. In view of this, protective clothing made of disposable non-woven materials is gradually adopted internationally. After further antibacterial, antistatic and other treatments, the feel and performance of this protective clothing are closer to that of traditional textiles, and its price is lower. Therefore, it is widely used in isolation clothing and protective clothing in the medical field.


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