Categories of Disposable Nitrile Gloves

1. Natural latex gloves are gradually being replaced by nitrile gloves

In the case that disposable nitrile gloves have not yet come out, natural latex gloves are the most widely used in the market. These gloves are softer and more convenient to use, but a quite serious disadvantage is that they can cause latex allergies in some people. As a result, natural latex gloves are gradually being replaced by disposable nitrile gloves manufactured bydisposable nitrile gloves suppliers.

2. Classification of disposable nitrile gloves

2.1 Carry out strict categorization according to the quality level of the product itself

High-quality disposable nitrile gloves suppliers have carried out a clear classification according to the characteristics of the gloves themselves, which mainly divided into three levels: A, B, and C. Disposable nitrile gloves suppliers claim that the quality of A-level gloves is relatively good, the surface layer has no holes and the color shows a uniform milky white or other colors, without significant ink spots and residues. In addition, it can also realize specifications and characteristics according to customer requirements; while B grade is a little bit worse, it has the characteristics of light stains or black spots with a larger diameter, yellowish color, residues and cracks, so the disposable nitrile glove manufacturer introduces in detail that this type of gloves is generally suitable for areas where the product regulations are not high; C-level disposable nitrile gloves are waste materials in the production process or products with significant rot and oil stains. Such products are generally regarded as waste immediately for acquisitions and are not easy to be promoted in the sales market.

2.2 Categorization according to the level of cleanliness of the natural environment

Manufacturers of high-quality disposable nitrile gloves claim that there is also another way of categorization, which is based on the cleanliness level of the natural environment instead of the product itself. This type of classification method can divide disposable nitrile gloves into three levels: ten, hundred and thousand. Disposable nitrile gloves manufacturers claim that only companies and the electronic industries will generally use  grade thousand and grade hundred disposable nitrile gloves. Purification workshops are also required the use of grade thousand disposable nitrile gloves, while medical disposable nitrile gloves must meet the hundred level specification.

The classification of disposable nitrile gloves is mainly based on the quality of the product and the cleanliness level of the natural environment. Each classification has three levels of specifications. Disposable nitrile gloves suppliers remind that you must carefully check the outer packaging box of the product when buy disposable nitrile gloves. A reminder of well-established quality level and cleanliness level will appears on the top of the glove. The disposable nitrile gloves suppliers prompt the company to purchase it on demand.

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